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Vibration Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machinery

Machine diagnosis and analysis offers a cost-effective and reliable method of measurement and condition assessment, and analysis and diagnosis of faults in the machine. Through analysis of the mechanical and acoustic vibrations, disturbances in the operational functions and on-going damage can be recognized at an early stage. Daily practice has shown that most of the faults in rotating machinery can be diagnosed through vibration analysis.

Nowadays modern vibration analyzers are used in oil, gas and petrochemical plants, Steel plants, Power plants, Cement plants, Wood and paper, etc.

Our suggested equipment:
  • Portable Vibration Analyzer, Data Collector and Field Balancers (Offline)
  • Online Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Portable Multichannel Vibration Analyzer (Up to 32 Channels)
  • Vibration Sensors (Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement)
  • 4-20mA Vibration Transmitters for use with PLC, SCADA, …
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